Dear Goth

Chapter LI


I saw the illusion of free will

and sought love and companionship.

Only to suffer torment and pain.

I saw the illusion of death

and sought life despite it.

Only to suffer torment of death.

I saw the illusion of salvation,

and drown in my own blood.

Only to suffer life again.

If you say I have free will is it truth

or illusion? If it’s illusion they could

hurt me anyway they want I would have

no control over it.

But justice in the universe is not blind.

The universe knows my pain,

The universe knows my suffering,

The universe knows who they are.

When the universe whispers into the living God’s

ears the truth of what has been done, heaven

will send family to my aid. Pray it be soon,

for I’m almost dead. And when the wrong possess might

they try to condemn innocent ones to hells fright.

These are things to be remembered.