Dear Goth

Chapter L

Driving nails in with hammers.

in searching the junk of my head,

i found a nail good as new.

with hammer i pounded it through my heart,

there was no scar tissue, it wasn’t even that

we had to pull the nail out.

the words that formed the nail said,

“your a stupid piece of shit!”

not that i believed it, but what the fuck;

nothing better to do; pound another nail through.

in searching the pile of insults i found a nail gun,

with the words, “your nothing today and nothing ever again.”

and in the pop pop pop sound put

about a hundred of those nails in.

but to the one who gave me this

complex I’ve got another sort of nail.

it’s formed with the words:

“I'm better than you will ever be.”

i don’t have to go around driving that

nail in sideways to make a point.

just watch your step,

cause my proverbial nail gun is fully loaded.

i go through the bins of nails, some of my favorites are:

“fuck i hate the world” and

“piss off and eat shit” with the always ready

“don’t anybody touch my bag ...”