Dear Goth

Chapter IX


I walked among the beautiful dead, stoned in roses...

I read the writing upon thy resting place ;

Failed to find one with my name upon it,

there is no place for me to rest ;

Therefore I must live to time indefinite.

If only at birth they provided me with a

tomb with my name on it,

I would climb in and take a nap.

Just what awakens the dead and

brings them to their senses?

I know those who slumber, and slumber no more.

If it weren’t for the fact were born

from a woman we would never agree to live again.

It’s kindness on gods part - the fact we forget our past lives.

I waked within the dead sea of ether,

found it holds no soul to time indefinite.

I awoke this morning from a nightmare.

Perhaps I still slumber.

Would we know the dead from the living?

Awake from your slumber,

be born again, and spit on those who hate ;

Bring love and kindness into this world;

if you can bring nothing with you

From the depths of darkness,

remember this: “It’s what you hold dear in your heart”

Not what you hear in the grave.

- Ash Moonblood