Dear Goth

Chapter VIII

Burning out...

The candle shows signs of hope ;

A flame to burn for me.

Lost in the dead sea of ether ;

All hope vanishes to infinity.

Dead and dead again, back from the dead

To live again.

My past etches in my brain ;

Surface again.

A billion upon a billion lives ;

Those I’ve lived, all those I’ve died.

Bursting in one final thrust to live ;

Into ashes, into the deep black nothing.

Suffocating thrills me until the nothing fills me.

Neither dead nor alive. See my soul like new.

Burning like that candle ; my death is like ,

The times you snuff it out. And my life is like,

The times you light it up.

I’m burning the candle at both ends with a blow torch.

- Ash Moonblood