Dear Goth

Chapter XLVI

The Spider and the Fly

They come in twenties, rolled and fresh sealed;

They work with fire and don’t play with the ashes.

Their web a mesh of smoke and mirrors,

These are good times, but don’t let the big c catch you.

No we only want good times, none of that bummer here.

The first one hooked you, now you know a spider,

Nicotine stains on your fingers,

A cough that brings forth fluid.

You can’t breath, your fingers are numb. Mr spider

Has a fly, in it’s web.

Your stained teeth show yellow in the sunlight.

Mr spider has a bet,

You won’t quit until your dying breath.

That cigarette looks cool in the movies,

But in real life; you wouldn’t dare. Would you?

The spider and the fly, a game of chance,

The future will catch the fly regardless,

But mr spider is afraid of the lizard.

The spider and fly dance in the pale moonlight,

Smoke and mirrors in a circus pony show.

Doesn’t mr fly fear getting burned? Or trapped in a web?

The fly doesn’t see the web,

The spider walks in eights, a tune you know.

But twenty divided by eight, is him and a mate.

That leave the fly two legs to walk on,

But the mirrors show six, it’s hocus-pocus.

Sex on the fly, pleasure to burn.

Until the spider catches you with your pants down.

Or cancer eats you alive. Or you choose life over your next light.

Flicker in the mind of the first drag,

Always chasing the wind you can’t have.