Dear Goth

Chapter XLIV

The War Path

Date: July 27, 2005 3:47:14 AM PDT

Subject: Thought you might like to see this.

Who soars above them all;

The leader in disguise.

You think they fought with sticks and stones;

I’m here to tell you

Those were weapons of mass destruction.

They never saw the ships;

Not because they were stupid

But because they were too smart for their own good!

Here’s a lesson for you

I’ve seen the future

Your wagons are burning

The wheels have stopped turning

The Natives are on the war path,

Tomahawk in both hands

Shooting arrows with a bow

You have never known the skill of an native American;

Riding a wild horse bareback.

An American has no fear;

Never found but one use for it.

But an American knows how to use a cowboy,

If you see a purple cow,

Remember he was a cowboy.

I could tell you more

About the Native Americans

Their built to last

Their the original American

Don’t try to tame our spirit

Otherwise you will learn the meaning of firewater.

You never knew an Native American