Dear Goth

Chapter XXXV

The knife

I am the knife, or I will be someday.

The knife never quits, never gives up;

The knife has never surrendered without a fight.

Sharp with keen might, you have never seen the knife.

In a bind, some tough jam, the knife doesn’t bend.

Tour that thought in Vietnam.

Blood brought with blood that can not be bought.

Steel dragon, in thought.

Don’t cross the knife, your blood once spilled

Will never be healed.

If you have ever known the knife, if you still live

Then you must have been okay, otherwise the knife would

Have never let you live.

The knife never fails. Never quits. Death doesn’t stop the

Knife, no one can make him give up.

Failure isn’t a word

The knife ever finds,

because the knife slices it in two.

Don’t fuck with the knife.

He is some misfit in a real

Bad mood.