Dear Goth

Chapter XXXIII


When all your love turns to blame,

The game doesn’t seem as much fun.

The lines in your mask, much to

Grotesque, like a winter far too long.

Love was once kind, now cruel.

I wanted the dream to come true,

Waited upon time to make me strong;

Now lost in the dead sea of ether.

The song plays over and over again,

The only joke is no one is listening.

Keep me from feeling so dumb. I wanted

To be smart. I wanted in the game.

Now from the outside looking in,

I see a twisted frame, all fame, but

The flame has been blown out.

What a wreck, shore lines weather,

But this pain wouldn’t care.

My hair on fire, my crotch cold.

A cigarette burning in the night,

My back to the wind, I face oblivion.

This next line is for you;

Be kind, like a wise old one of

The late 18th century. Rock and roll;

It’s just his ghost.

Banished forever; no rest. The waxed moon,

Calls your name a million nights our time

Has just begun.

Your blame looks like hate in a rage.

They have a mask for you too. This human

Mask looks like a real beauty, inside

It’s just a sack of shit.

- winter 2015