Dear Goth

Chapter II

Dear Goth I

Cold black night, awaits

Walk among the tomb stones in the rain

Set before you a pillow of dark thoughts

Night terrors go hand in hand with loneliness

you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Morbid thoughts come with the territory;

no one that thinks and has lived before

would disregard death.

You would live and die a billion deaths

each time for one more shot at life.

It’s not life you hate

or god if you believe that way.

Know the moon; It’s phases and times.

note the cycle of dreams in it’s shores.

It’s the lies the world wants you to believe.

those lies you hate.

Fire within the heart.

burn it into the tomb.

Listen in patience.

never waste words on those who will not listen.

Those icy hearts are not ours.

you wouldn’t trade your compassion for a dime.

Befriend those without friends;

beware of those with too many friends.

beware of false friends, those who lie.

In the humble places of darkness,

dwells the greatest of minds.

Sometimes we look like normal people;

yet the well of dark thoughts runs deep.

There are four enemies;

despair, depression, greed, hate

I know you will stay true; I have hope in you. Like the truth

that a rose will always fade. You always come back to

balance the darkness; and tell those that lie

to shove it!!